First Aid Courses

Emergency First Aid / CPR and Standard First Aid / CPR

CERT is a recognized provider of first aid training with the WSIB. Our program promotes safety awareness, accident prevention, recognition and treatment of injuries and medical conditions. We deliver Emergency First Aid (EFA) as well as the more comprehensive Standard First Aid (SFA) training.

Our goal is to make your experience with us as rewarding as possible. Thatís why we include a unique additional service in the delivery of our first aid courses.: weíll conduct a needs assessment of your workplace and customize your training to suit your specific needs, free of charge. Weíll include your policies, procedures, and safety goals (donít worry if you donít have them, we can help you develop them), as well as past accidents, near-misses, and potential accidents in your workplace. Then weíll develop the course outline around your needs. Itís all part of our ongoing commitment to deliver consistent, superior service.

The following materials are included with both types of courses:

Emergency First Aid and CPR

Time: 6.5 hours

This one-day (6.5hrs) workplace specific program covers all topics required by the WSIB as well as a list of those determined by your specific work environment. Training in EFA is a workplace legislative requirement where fewer than five people work at a given workplace on any one shift.

The following is a list of mandatory WSIB topics to which you may add additional topics specific to your workplace:  

Standard First Aid Training / CPR / Defibrillation

Time: 13 hours

SFA is a two day training course that covers a variety of mandatory and selected topics. This training provides a more in depth discussion of topics and allows more time for role playing and scenarios. SFA is a legislative requirement under the WSIB Regulation 1101 for workplaces with more than five employees on any one shift at a given time.

The SFA Refresher course is a condensed one day version for those currently certified in SFA who wish to re-certify. The refresher course must be taken before the expiry date of the original certification, and may only be taken once per certification. After that, a full SFA course must be taken again to remain certified.

The following is a list of mandatory WSIB topics to which you may add additional topics specific to your workplace: